Introducing SONORUS

A tailormade communication app, compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Apple. Suitable for any level, beginner up to advanced.

Sonorus' Capabilities

Sonorus is a user friendly and intuitive app.

Let everyone communicate on their own level with pictures, pictograms, GIF’s and even YouTube clips.

Our app is accessible for everyone, there is no need for a specific or expensive device. Log in on the website and start immediately.

Sonorus is compatible with all devices and operating methods: eye gaze, scanning and touchscreen.

With Sonorus you create what you need. Ranging from a page with 2 buttons to teach action-reation to large communication books.

Start from a template book or start from scratch.

Use the “quick chat”column and create fast navigation and frequent communication. On each page, you can swipe this column into view and expand your page.

Our app with text-to-speech output gives everyone a voice from the start to expert levels.

Create communication books as you need them. All books, pages and buttons are individually adaptable.

Easily change borders, text and text position. Use the voice that suits you best or record you own sound. Communicate with the right visual support,   use your own photos from your device, your cloud-storage or take a picture in app.

You can also find a wide selection of pictograms, photos, and drawings in the app. Motivate with GIF's and YouTube clips that they like or create multimedia boards for a meaningful leisure time.

Sonorus offers a solution in every situation where communication is needed, both on a screen and on paper.

Download your book for offline use when the internet is not available.

Print pages, books, instruction cards, placemats,... This way you can also communicate when your battery is empty or in special situations such as in the shower, the pool, at the table and so on.

Sonorus is a great way to stimulate the process of making choices.

Create a dashboard with a variety of multimedia options as a way of spending leisure time or just reward users with clips/GIF’s they like at the moment.

Use clips and pictures from home to stimulate learning, create a slide show and use it as a conversation tool.

Can’t find a voice that you like? Record your own sound to customize buttons.

Communication is everywhere: in school, at home, in therapy sessions, at work, in the shops,… It is necessary to work as a team to create the most optimal communication aid for each user.

Through the logbook parents, teachers, therapists and so on find a place to share experiences and information about a book. With the feedback of all parties into consideration, it will improve the quality of the books.


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